Estonian Defence risked by Windenergy II

EU Corruption
It's not only about chopping birds or vibration chasing fish away. Estionians should be alouwed to be there too! This windpark weakens lokal chances of devellopment a lot. Windmill parks causes other human activity like tourism to stop. Toursts from the west do not stop anymore the moment they see the same crap they see at home. They want authentic nature and culture. Realestate prices drop direct when the plan gets a realistic status. Bank look ahead and limit investment. Fishing activity stops. Luxery yachting industry devellopment stops. 

The planned 160 towers of 300 Meter high are risky vunnarable industrial monsters for all. We live in times of crises the needed EU subsidation till 2050 is uncertain. An you see below the Russians are involved. Let us guess why. Why do we not let the free market choose. USA and China bet full on solar and nor wind energy. It is not task of the government to start risky windparkplans. The agreements governemnt gives also are FAR to long and there is no cleanup garantee. It's probably just because our president worked for Estonian Energy before. She spends all her time on this. Visting Narva, Kihnu and now talks with EU energy bosses. She wants an job at the OECD and seems to sell us all to get that done. Please think before we give away our land and sea. We are just a few decades independent!

Even Russians have a stake in this windmill park. First they were refused by Kapo. We like to know why not first. Windmils build by Russians is not our best choise. A millitrary economic and ecological hazzard. It's almost suspicious that we do not look at solar like Canada, USA and even China. Why do we need the company that lifted the Kursk atomic submarine and seeks work now North Sea oil prices are down and hunderds of offshore platforms are shut down. Dare to think. It's your just independent country. Fredom and democracy must be fought for every time. Estonia is build upon Hanze shipping, fishing and free trade. It's not wise to sigh indefite contracts with Russians aboard the empty building comapany. There are no cleanup bank garantees and insurance policies too. They just walk away after a big storm. A double tay payer bill & freedom at stake.   
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Simple final question is why Estonia wants Windmills more than any other country by size? 

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